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Keyword Research 2018

Domainers Meet up in Munich May 25, 2018

Keywords are the major currency of digital economy and exact match domains are primary web real estate. That's what we know best, that's what we do. We are team of experts in semantics, text mining and information retrieval with diverse technical backgrounds from different fields such as computer science, market research, homeland security and military intelligence. We applied our diverse technical experience to one purpose - gaining upper advantage from the first steps of any online business. Keywords are major drivers of:

The meetup covers a wide range of interdisciplinary topics including keyword research and analysis, text mining and information retrieval. This knowledge area is based on computer science, mathematics, statistics, library science, information science, information architecture, cognitive psychology, and linguistics. Application examples include but not limited to:

We applied our knowledge of keyword research and analysis to the creation of premium domain name portfolio comprising exact match domains. Assigning a premium domain name based on thorough keyword research to a high-quality website can make a difference between success and failure of the online enterprise. Our portfolio of hand-picked brandable and memorable domain names represent the heavy trafficed and upscale part of web real estate.

Exact Match Domain Names: Say My Name

"Say my name" challenges Walter White, the antihero of the iconic TV show "Breaking Bad", because he knows that his alias Heisenberg tells the whole story. Say my name. That's what exact match domain name stands for. The exact match domain tells the whole story about your online presence in one short line, it's memorable and it's brandable. That's why the exact match domains are popular and pricey. Just like the adage "A picture is worth a thousand words" the entire idea of exact match domain branding refers to the notion that a complex idea should be conveyed in the most laconic way. When you buy a good domain name, you buy a business.

Case studies: developing prominent domains